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While masks help slow the spread of infectious diseases they also have shown to have a detrimental effect on oral health. Your mouth may experience an increased presence of bacteria due to disrupted breathing patterns and recycled air. Maintaining a healthy mouth is imperative to combat this phenomenon.

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TUNG Gel Natural – Fresh Mint

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90% of Bad Breath Comes from the tongue

It only takes 10 seconds with your TUNG Brush & Gel for you to experience confidence like never before! Be ready for any big moment life throws at you!

90% of Bad Breath Comes from the Tongue

Bacteria thrive in biofilms that develop in the nooks and crannies of your tongue. These bacteria release odors that you can’t smell, but those around you can. Since mouthwash doesn’t effectively reach these bacteria, removing them manually is the only way to neutralize them!

Tongue Bateria

The Philosophy Behind the TUNG Brush

Who knew 20 years ago that the idea for an all-new tongue cleaner would lead to 2 decades of adventure? When Tom Oechslin invented the tongue brush along with a dentist, a risky, challenging, and uncertain climb began. Watch a quick introduction to the creation of the Tung Brush and the unexpected ways a tongue brush can open doors to adventure.

More Effective Than Tongue Scrapers

We invented the first tongue brush and gel system over 20 years ago. The TUNG Brush and Gel were designed by dentist Dr. Wieder to be the most effective tongue cleaner ever.

In fact, 90% of consumers preferred the TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel in a study conducted by Nova Southeastern University.

Our tongue brush is designed specifically to clean the rough but tender surface of the tongue. Our tongue gel is formulated to neutralize that nasty bacteria gas that causes bad breath, leaving your mouth minty fresh. Together they’re the most effective tongue cleaner on the market today. Professionally designed and Made in America.

We know that once you’ve tried our tongue brush and gel system you’ll agree that no other tongue cleaner works better. Get your TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel now!

Designed to effectively clean your tongue without gagging, the TUNG Brush allows you to reach far back on the tongue where the bad breath-causing bacteria lives. Our fresh mint TUNG Gel treats and cures bad breath fast by neutralizing the bacteria on the tongue that causes bad breath. Try the tongue cleaner that’s been getting rave reviews for over 15 years. We know you’ll find this to be the best tongue cleaning system ever. You’re going to love having fresh breath and added confidence.

What our Tongue Cleaner Users are Saying

“Best addition to my morning and night oral health routine! My bf used to joke about my morning breath so I became self concious about my oral hygiene…. Once I started incorporating the TUNG Brush and Gel, I noticed a HUGE improvement in the appearance of my tongue.”

Qareena (Amazon Customer)

“Oh my god it took 10 seconds to get my tongue pink!… This is officially my new tongue brush and part of my new routine…. My breath smells good my mouth feels fresh and my tongue is pink.”

Mr. S (Amazon Customer)

“Finally! A Clean Pink Tongue! … I’ve tried several different tongue scrapers and while they removed any funky smells and made my tongue feel cleaner, they never removed the discoloration…. The TUNG brush has fixed all of that and I’m thrilled!”

Liz B. (Amazon Customer)

If you ever kiss anyone EVER! You must use this every day. @tungbrush #StinkyBreathMeansNoKisses via Instagram

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Tongue Brushing World Wide

Tongue brushing is catching on as the best way to get rid of bad breath all over the globe. Check out our Instagram to see some of the creative and inventive ways countries around the world are getting excited about clean mouths and fresh breath.