Why a Tongue Scraper is Not the Best Tool for the Job

Tooth brushes are designed for the teeth and gums, the TUNG Brush and Gel is designed to clean the tongue. Scrapers are designed to remove frost from your windshield.

Tongue scrapers have been around for centuries and were a great idea 2,000 years ago when there were no other choices. Yes, even then people knew the tongue needed to be cleaned.

The rigid edge of these primitive instruments make it impossible to reach the bacteria deep down in the nooks and crannies of the tongue. For example, using a scraper on the tongue is like trying to scrape peanut butter off a piece of sandpaper; it can’t be done. Prior to TUNG, many dental professionals recommended scrapers but would caution you about the scraper’s ability to damage the tongue if not used properly. A tongue scraper has the potential to actually damage your tongue.

In addition, many dental hygienists are concerned with their patients lack of compliance. They find that because scraping our tongue is very unpleasant and unappealing, we tend to skip this step in our oral care routine.

The TUNG Brush changed all that. Studies have shown that the TUNG Brush as a tongue cleaning tool is much more appealing to the average consumer than the alternatives. In fact, 91% of consumers tested preferred the TUNG Brush to any other tongue cleaning tool available, including tongue scrapers, in a study conducted by Nova Southeastern University.